Friday, 9 December 2011

Skywatch Friday: Tesco Construction at Hattersley

Tesco are building a new superstore on land off Ashworth Lane, Hattersley.

See how it looked here three years ago.

If you google for information on "Tesco at Hattersley" you will find there is a division of opinion between those who view the development as a dominant commercial giant getting its own way again to the detriment of smaller retailers and nearby town centres and those who see it as an opportunity to create jobs and revitalise a run-down community.

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  1. Great photo combining construction and lines and angles, interesting debate revitalise with a big box and how to maintain your small local retailers.

  2. Somehow I prefer the old photo, but why is it always so difficult to combine those views? We had much the same debate when IKEA wanted to expand its old facility here.

  3. Oh my! I do prefer the old photo also but these kinds of developments do have to go in somewhere. The location always seems to be controversial even where I live. Small retailers don't like big box stores coming into their turf. I understand why.

    Nice clouds photos. Happy SWF!