Monday, 7 November 2011

Getting ready for Christmas

Hyde Town Hall has been decorated in readiness for Christmas. I saw the Christmas tree being delivered on Thursday and this is how it looked on Saturday morning.

Today's post is a contribution to Monday Doorways at San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.


  1. I wish Christmas would wait until at least the beginning of December. It's becoming less and less special as the Christmas season starts earlier in the year - we've had shopping centres with decorations for a couple of weeks already.

    But it's a nice photo anyway. Would love to see it all lit up (closer to the end of December, please!).

  2. Wonderful fa├žade! And already decorated for Christmas!!! Love the red bricks!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Have a nice and happy week****

  3. hee hee...
    As Karen wrote, it seems a bit early for Christmas...
    Nonetheless, «Louis» thanks you for this contribution to Monday Doorways!

  4. That big tree rather dwarfs the doorway!

  5. Lovely photo of that handsome building! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....