Sunday, 14 August 2011

Shadows across Dowson Road

A few days ago I showed how Dowson Road looked on Monday morning when re-surfacing work began whilst on Hyde DP Xtra I showed you how it looked a week earlier when still awaiting re-surfacing.

On Tuesday morning the sun was shining and casting shadows across the road. Traffic was disrupted all day. From Wednesday through to Friday little happened apart from heavy rain falling on the road. On Saturday morning the workmen were back again putting down the top layer of tarmac. By the middle of the afternoon they had packed up and gone.

You can see the machine that laid the tarmac and how the road looked on Saturday afternoon on Hyde DP Xtra.

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  1. The shrubs, trees and van cast crisp, dark shadows in the sunlight. The road looks like it's in need of repair. We have more than a few roads her in Ontario that could use a bit of roadwork.

  2. The fact that the road has been stripped of pavement makes this a beautiful shot. When the street has bee repaved, smoothness will be, and the rough ride will be no more...

  3. I confess to having little patience with road resurfacing operations. I know they're necessary, but they certainly disrupt traffic!


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    Shadows on this door and this

  4. Road work... a fact of life. EVERYWHERE!

  5. Love the dappled sunlight and shadows!!! Is this a residential street....with a Shell station? Just curious.

    Hidden Shadows Come on over if you have time today!!

  6. Ohh, the road was really affected! Hmm, not all people can see that kind of scenario in other places so thanks! :D Nice shot on the shadows, btw. It looks very realistic, especially on the part of the sidewalk. Good job!