Wednesday, 10 August 2011

ABC Wednesday: D is for Dowson Road resurfacing work

Dowson Road from the end of Garside Street on Monday morning as work starts on a major resurfacing of the carriageway.

They'll be working from 9 till 4 for a week working on one side of the road at a time and allowing traffic along the other side controlled by temporary traffic lights. The delays are predicted to be horrendous.

See how it looked last Wednesday before the work began on Hyde DP Xtra.

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  1. It seems there is road work being done in our area all the time.
    Very inconvenient at times but necessary.

  2. We have two seasons here in Ontario....winter and roadworks!
    Jane x

  3. We're also in the season of roadwork. It's an international occupation.


    ABC TEam

  4. An interesting mean to measure time and life.

    A safe road ahead and a good Wednesday too.

    daily athens

  5. From this vantage point, the road looks to still be in good shape. If you want bad roads, drive most streets in my town. Potholes must be caused by a virus, because they're everywhere and spreading.

  6. Seems like there are road works everywhere.

  7. Now I'm getting old time seems to fly, but was this stretch of road not resurfaced only a couple of years ago?

  8. Dave - the bit they are doing now is between Grosvenor Road and Markland Street - last year I think it was they did the stretch from St Georges Road to Knott Lane.

  9. Yeah, it has to get messier before it gets nicer.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team