Saturday, 16 July 2011

Weekend Reflections in a Tuba

It was the Gee Cross Well Dressing last Sunday.

At the start of the procession it was raining heavily so everyone was huddled under their umbrellas.

As in previous years the Adamson Band led the procession around the Gee Cross Wells.

Despite the rain the horn of the tuba reflected a unique view.

You can see the whole of the instrument on Hyde DP Xtra and more of the band on Geograph.

I'll show you some of the wells next week.

Information about the history and format of the Gee Cross Well Dressing can be found on Gee Cross Well Dressing 2006.

More reflections can be found at Weekend Reflections.


  1. I like this a lot! The rain just adds to the appeal. Very nice shot!

  2. Wonderful raindrops and relections in that tuba!

  3. Now that is what I call a cool reflection.

  4. Without the raindrops, I might have thought it was a staged photo.
    Well done!

  5. Great shot! The raindrops are very advantageous for this photo. And the music must have been great...

  6. Oh, I really like this one.

  7. That wa a real Hornblower!