Saturday, 23 July 2011

Weekend Reflection in the window of B's

I took this photo with my phone (which is rarely used for phoning and never for texting) last Saturday morning.

We are looking into B's café which has been open since February 2010. Reflected in its window is The Queens and the Willow Wood Hospice charity shop.

There is also my wife backing her wheelchair out of the Ring 'n' Ride bus.

You can get a clearer view perhaps from the mirror-image greyscale version of this on Hyde DP Xtra.

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  1. That's effective Gerald - nice pic!

    I took this photo with my phone (which is rarely used for phoning LOL they're not really phones any more are they? I keep flattening the battery on mine playing Angry Birds!

  2. wow that is a reflection, indeed ! Nice capture, very puzzling : i like this aspect of your picture...

  3. That's a pretty good phone photo!

  4. Intriguing reflection busy with activity!

  5. heheh, my mobile is only to call AA if my car breaks down.

    Great to take a reflection photo.

  6. Surely the richest reflection of this week! great catch!