Sunday, 26 June 2011

Pigeon and squirrel under the shadows

I went into Hyde Park last week looking for the new sculpture which I'd shown you at the start of the month under construction. It was intended to complement the earlier wood sculpture of a squirrel.

I wandered around but couldn't see it. The old one was still there and there were a few bare stumps but no carvings. I eventually asked a couple of men who were walking their dogs. "Oh they've chopped it down. It took three weeks to complete and then the council didn't like it and next day it was chopped down. Another five and half grand of our council tax down the swanny!".

It was then I saw a real squirrel streak across the path onto the grass. It stopped at the edge as a pigeon flew down next to it. They both seemed to pause whilst I took their photograph and then speedily departed in opposite directions.

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  1. What an awesome shot!

    Not many have or had a luck taking this kind of photo.

    Pigeon & squerrel? What an opposite combo but, hey! You done a great JOB... Both Thumbs UP...

    Happy SSS...

  2. Lucky you to have the comfort of the real thing cross your path just at the right time. I wonder who in the council decides that the sculpture is annihilated? should such a question be put to the ratepayers who, after all, footed the bill?

  3. I cannot believe what city officials do with out money. It is mind bobbling. What a waste. The shot, though, is wonderful and captures the true essence of what nature so kindly shares with all of us. The pigeon and the squirrel there together allowing you to shoot them is remarkable. You definitely caught them at that perfect moment in time. Lovely capture.

  4. Interesting what local governments spend on public 'art,' visit my post to see Knitted Trees, a Seattle version of public 'art' at you'll think 'What the heck is that?' I guarantee!

  5. That's sad that they chopped it down! I'm so curious to know what it looked like finished! Your picture is wonderful... it's so fun to see both animals together like that. :)

  6. It's easy for them to spend money, when it is not theirs! That is a shame.
    Great photos capture. This is probably a once in a lifetime view. :)