Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hyde Christian Fellowship 1985

Hyde Christian Fellowship is an Evangelical Church on Chapel Street established in 1985.

The building was originally the Friends Meeting House dating from 1873 - see Hyde DP Xtra.

The coloured version of this photograph can be found on Geograph.


  1. An interestsing post, Gerald - thank you.
    Hyde Christian Fellowship started on Crook Street in 1985 (just behind Iceland) and didn't move to these premises on Chapel Street until about ten years ago. I'm not sure of the origins of this building but would be surprised if it really was a Friends' Meeting House (the front part of the building, to which the 'Friends' plaque is affixed, is a very modern extension, which has been built since I left Hyde in 1999). During my time in Hyde the building housed the 'Fellowship Evangelical Church', run on a part-time basis by the redoubtable John Gaskell. Only after his death in about 2001 was the building sold and Hyde Christian Fellowship relocated from Crook Street.

  2. Thanks for the information John - I think there definitely was a Friends Meeting House on Chapel Street. I imagine the building has been extensively renovated and the date stone may be all that survives from the orignal building.

  3. From "The Annals of Hyde" - The Baptists possess a fine and substantial chapel, with Sunday school attached, well situated in Chapel Street. Opposite this is the Friends' Meeting House, built in 1873, and now principally used by the Hyde Town Mission.

  4. Hi! I worshipped there for many years, and the front part was just a small porch, about six feet square. The Friend's dedication stone was on the front of the porch below the Fellowship Mission board. I guess that when they replaced the porch with this wder version, the plaque was incorporated. The main biulding is as I remember it in the 50's, 60's and 70's. Ian Davies

  5. I remember this building as The Mission in the 60s and 70s and John Gaskell was the Minister and they had a group called campaigners which was like girl guides and scouts.