Monday, 6 June 2011

Gerrards Hollow

Before Dowson Road was built a deep valley ran from Gee Cross village down to the river Tame to the North of Apethorn Lane and Gerrard Street (now Stockport Road) which was the name given to the stretch of road from The Grape's Hotel to Gerrards Cross. Towards the end of the 1800s at the side of Gerrard's Cross were 12 cottages in the valley which was called Gerrards Hollow. These cottages were lost when part of Gerrard's Hollow was filled in to carry Dowson Road. Now what is left is occuppied by a few large modern houses which can scarcely be seen through the trees behind the bus stop on Dowson Road. They are reached from Apethorn Lane via a short road known as Gerrards Wood.


  1. Nice image, reminds me of warmth and sunshine!

  2. At least it is still green, but a bit of gardening seems called for. I like the way you have put the bus stop(?) in the photo.