Saturday, 30 April 2011

Weekend Reflections at Over Yonder

Reflected here in the Peak Forest Canal is the footbridge that connected the Adamsons Industrial Estate to Raglan Street. It was declared unsafe in 2006. Neither British Waterways, Tameside Council nor the owners of the industrial estate have agreed who is responsible for its repair and so it remains closed.

See the bridge itself on Hyde DP Xtra.

See the original photograph from which this was selectively cropped on the Geograph website, or all 49 photographs (with slideshow) from my walk of April 10th on the Geotrips website.

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  1. Nobody has any funds for such things these days.
    I like your solution to the Daily Photo format. People often want more information but with my daily photo I like to keep it clean and without commentary.

  2. How surprising for Tameside Council, British Waterways & an adjoining company (cough cough...canal towpath running into Ashtons ASDA carpark...cough cough)

    Nice pic btw - long may the bridge remain in it, in use or otherwise.

  3. How beautiful a sight indeed. Made me miss home, where is much more green than here.

    Please have a good weekend.

    daily athens

  4. Oh a stunning reflection! great capture:)