Saturday, 23 April 2011

Heron Over Yonder

A week last Sunday I took a walk along the Peak Forest Canal and spotted this heron at Over Yonder.

I have to wonder if it is the same heron I saw here two years ago.

There are three more photographs of the heron on Hyde DP Xtra.

You can view a slide show of all the photos I took that day on the Geo-trips website.

Further Weekend Reflections can be found at Newtown Area Photo.


  1. wonderful reflection of this stately being.

  2. He almost looks like a statue.

  3. Enjoying his reflection, no doubt! Beautiful background, too.

  4. It may be the same heron. He/She has a proprietary air about him/her.

  5. We saw two herons flying over the M60 the other day. Maybe they were making their way to Hyde!

  6. We have blue herons near our house, they like to go fishing in Dad's goldfish pond, much to his dismay. We don't mind so much because they are so very beautiful.

    This one with its reflection and that marvelous building in the background ... simply gorgeous!

  7. He is so erect I think he looks like a statue, too. What an amazIng bird. This is a wonderful capture.

  8. Excellent :>)

    We rode past one on the towpath yesterday near Woodley.

    It didn't even flinch, but I guess they must be used to passers by on the canal!