Thursday, 21 April 2011

Beeley Street Car Park

Beeley Street car park is on the site of the former Hyde Lads Club

Now you could get yourself a parking ticket in the time it would take to read everything on the sign.

And then you discover the ticket machine is out of action (someone has attached a "penalty notice" to it!). There was a queue of people waiting to use the one at the other end of the car park.

An attached notice warns parkers to avoid leaving valuables on view (no responsibility - blame the victim).

Another notice informs that the council has donated £100,000 to local charities with money siphoned off the parking charges.

As you have to pay in advance you also have to guess how long you want to park for in order to avoid excess charges.

At times like this I'm glad I'm no longer a car owner.


  1. great, great find indeed. nothing alike over here. please have a good thursday.

  2. A pound an hour, that's expensive.

  3. Well said Gerald! Whilst I rarely pass a charity collection box without making a donation I prefer being left to decide myself to whom I give MY money. Like all publicly funded organizations Tameside Council is very good at being generous with other people's money. Fortunately I don't often need to park my car in any of Tameside's car parks - and if my memory serves me right the one I use in Stockport is half the cost of the Tameside ones.

  4. I have just received a penalty ticket for buying a parking ticket on the machine that Tameside say isn't theirs! I parked on the rough ground nearest the main road and bought the ticket on the patch opposite nearer town - how do you know?