Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Market Place Slush

A blanket of snow had fallen overnight and though the roads were gritted and passable, the pavements in town on Saturday were icy and treacherous underfoot.

The Santander Bank on the corner of Market Place and Hamnett Street was formerly an Abbey branch.

On the right, £-stretcher, facing the bank, was formerly Woolworth's.

See how it looked in Clarendon Place on Hyde DP Xtra.

A contribution to Ruby Tuesday.


  1. Sad how snow goes from being so beautiful to so ugly, and dangerous too, as slush...

  2. It's been like that over here on and off. In the Northeast of the USA though, we're pretty used to it. Our slushy streets get treated really early and plowed. Schools don't close in my state unless we have AT LEAST 6 inches of snow, and even then it depends. I imagine it's because we put a ton of money into snow removal in the winter... I lived in the UK for a while and I never could believe how everything comes to a standstill for an inch or two of snow!

  3. That is a lot of ice! Hope you have your milk and bread and don't have to get out...except to take pictures!

  4. My neighbor's driveway, where I wait with my son for the school bus, was covered with a layer of black ice this morning, and I slipped and nearly fell.

    That also looks like some dangerous walking in your picture. Scary!