Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Zig-zagging around the Indoor Market

Hyde Indoor Market is accessed from the Clarendon Square Shopping Centre. Opposite the tripe stall "Let's Talk Tripe" one ramp zigs up to the first floor where various stalls including Wilde's greengrocery can be found. Another ramp zags down to the basement where more stalls can be found.

A contribution to ABC Wednesday.


  1. I imagine the place can get very busy at times. The ramp is a great touch for those with wheelchairs or scooters- it looks long enough that running out of control isn't an issue.

  2. Great fun to skateboard down that ramp!

  3. I must pay Hyde market a visit, I love tripe, particularly Pigs tripe, which I believe is Pigs Cheek,
    Delicious served simply with salt and black pepper and Sarsons Malt Vinegar1
    my granddad used to have it for his tea on a Saturday after he'd been to see his favourite football team play ( Everton)
    Golden memories,

    Best wishes,
    abcw team.

  4. Looks like you could make your way in and out quite quickly. Pretty well organized.

  5. Ramps are SUCH good things when you have lots of stuff!


  6. My shopper's instincts are aroused!

  7. Ramps take up a lot of space. Still, I want to install one to the front entrance of our home because steps can be a problem if you suffer an injury.