Monday, 28 July 2014

Village Green Well 2014

The Village Green Well 2014 celebrates 100 years of the Brownies.

In 1914, 4 years after Baden Powell agreed to start the Girl Guids, younger sisters clamoured to become useful guides too. The Guide Association set up Rosebuds for younger girls aged 7-10 years. They didn't have a programme to follow like the Brownies of today but contributed to their local community by doing such things as collecting clothing and household items for the war effort. A rosebud was expected to know how:
The Union Jack is made up and how to fly it
To tie a reef knot, sheetbend, clove hitch, bowline, sheepshank and fisherman's knot

Three years later their name was changed to Brownies who were led by the "Wise Brown Owl". The journey has evolved, following footpaths to various interest badges, challenges and adventures. The motto "Lend a Hand" has been watchword for Brownies throughout their 100 years and they are still helping in their community. The promise has changed several times but the core of it remains the same "To do their best, and to help other people."

The symbols on their picture represent different aspects of Brownies:
The original Rosebud
The rose is for the Gardener badge
The dolphin for Friend to Animals Badge
The Hand for "Lend a Hand"
Everyone remembers jumping over the Toadstool!
Brown Owl
The modern Brownie

Although well-dressing is a custom mostly confined to Derbyshire, it can be seen in adjacent counties too. Well dressing celebrations were held regularly in Gee Cross from the 1820s until 1878. The custom was revived by the local Women's Institute in 2000.

For photographs from earlier years and links to more information about well dressing see this link.

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  1. What a nice mural! I was a girl scout myself. :)

  2. A beautifully designed mural representing this iconic group. Wonderful piece of precious public art.

  3. Hello Gerald,

    I was a Brownie! My mom was the troop leader, and I was jealous of all the attention that she gave the other girls. I must admit that I made life difficult for her.

    Thanks for making Blue Monday special by finding blues.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  4. I was a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout and I love brownies. Does that count?

  5. I was a brownie and I loved it!

  6. So glad the tradition of well dressing was revived. This one is sweet and brings back all kinds of memories. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.