Sunday, 3 November 2013

St George's New Roof

When I visited St George's for the Heritage Open Day in September work was being carried out to lay a new roof.

Now it is completed.

Compare the scene now with the one printed on the front of a Whit Friday programme in 1927 on Old Hyde.

Details of the early history of St George's can be found at The Annals of Hyde: St George's Church

A contribution to Inspired Sundays.


  1. A fine contribution to InSPIREd Sundays!

  2. It is so nice to get to this this picture of the church. A nice new roof. You really composed this shot so well.

  3. The previous roof only lasted 24 years!

  4. my fav is the clock ... i wonder why they don't do that these days. a great element to have n my opinion. ( :

  5. I like the styling on this church. Thanks for sharing this week!

  6. I love this one Gerald. The details are great :-)

    Best regards from the Netherlands,