Friday, 8 February 2013

Skywatch Friday: The Clock & The Bells

The B6468 through Gee Cross used to just bend right at its junction with Smithy Lane. In 2006 a roundabout was built to accommodate the James North Clock which had previously stood in the grounds of the Slack Mill which had closed in 1998 and was subsequently demolished.

The Ring o' Bells pub in the background has recently closed and is now boarded up.

See the view from further down Market Street on Hyde DP Xtra.

A contribution to Skywatch Friday.


  1. Love the clock, very nice! And a pretty sky, Great photo. Happy Skywatching!

  2. Clever with the clock in the roundabout. Haven't seen that in my area where we usually will find flowers and street art!

  3. Probably the most interesting roundabout I have seen for a very very long time.
    I am from the Norwegian city with most roundabouts, so I have seen many.