Monday, 30 January 2012

Work at the Theatre Royal

I recently showed you the boarded up doorway to the Theatre Royal 2 Cinema on the corner of Henry Street and Onward Street. The old notice-boards and sign had been removed.

I was passing there again last week and saw these builders at work on the building. Some plastering has been done and the window-frames are being fitted with metal shutters and vents. I don't know on whose behalf the work was being undertaken.

The Theatre Royal Onward Trust have been working since 1999 to acquire the building and restore it. Getting there is not easy but the fight is not lost. One day it will re-open.

More of my own photos of the theatre can be seen on Theatre Royal Hyde Photographs.


  1. Looks nice and clean. Are they steam cleaning the bricks?

  2. I wonder if that's an actor trying to rise to stardom... :-) Whatever he's doing, it's not a job I would want. I like to be planted firm on the ground ("on" not "in"!)...