Friday, 16 December 2011

Onward Once More

Another view of the Hyde Coat of Arms. The last one I showed you was on the Theatre Royal. This one is on the Town Hall.

[Post updated 11 am]

Following on from yesterday, I'd had nothing after 11.10pm on Wednesday and got a taxi to Tameside hospital for 8 am Thursday. I answered various questions and had blood taken but then lay on a trolley watching others who had not arrived until 10.30 am go down for surgery come back and go home until 5 pm when I was eventually taken down to theatre. I woke up back in the unit about 9pm and was shown a gall stone the size of a walnut. At midnight I was given some tea and toast. There were only three of us staying overnight but I had a drain in me which was uncomfortable so I rested but didn't sleep. I had more tea and toast at 4.30 am and at 6.30 am the drain was taken out and at 7.15 am I was sent home in a taxi, getting home just before it started snowing.

I discovered that a carer had give my wife her breakfast at 9.15 am yesterday but then nobody had been at lunch time. A carer had finally turned at 7.30 pm by which time Christine was hungry and shaking (possibly having a hypo). She was given four large sandwiches! Whether she took her correct medication I can't tell for sure. I'm glad to be home but am in quite some pain as yet - have been told to take it easy for the next three or four days by which time I should be feeling better.

Our freezer and fridge are nicely stocked and a neighbour is kindly getting us some more bread and cooked meat later so we should be OK till early next week.


  1. Good work Gerald, trust you're back home now? Stay warm!

  2. If I have ever seen a more fitting subject "title"!
    I'm glad to hear that all went well - when it finally became your turn. The old saying of "They also serve who only stand and wait" comes to my mind often when I'm in hospital.

    Your story is also a reminder that the care of one at a hospital also very often implies care of someone else elsewhere.

    I wish you both all the best.

  3. The efficiency of the Social Services in this case does leave a lot to be desired - total lack of co-ordinated thinking.

    Of course to fit in with their schedules they could have fed your wife breakfast at 9.15 / lunch 10.15 / tea 11.15

    Glad you are feeling better.