Monday, 21 November 2011

Half a dozen shops on Market Street

A group of shops towards the top end of Market Street.

"Hyde Trophies" has been there for a number of years.

The vacant shop next door was previously a taxi office.

The "Clay Hut" (or is it "Clay Hat"?) is a newly opened halal fast food takeaway (as if there aren't already too many on the Street) in premises previously occupied by glaziers.

The next shop was a locksmith's for many years but now is a dog grooming parlour called "Top Dogz".

The still vacant office next door has been used (I'm given to understand) as a business "address of convenience".

The signwriter's shop has been here for a number of years.

I wonder what businesses will be here in another couple of years.

1 comment:

  1. I like the way the row of roofs slope from right to low on the left.
    For me it was a shame to see the metal grates installed on stores over here. We never needed them before! Now almost everyone has them with bright security lighting at night.