Saturday, 29 October 2011

The clocks go back tonight

Tonight the clocks go back, so I thought I'd show you one that won't be going back.

This used to hang outside what was once the George Hotel on the corner of Great Norbury Street and Woodend Lane. It was still there when I took this photograph of it in April 2010. The pub was already in the process of being converted into a house. The clock disappeared very shortly afterwards.

I showed you how the building looked before it closed on 3rd October 2009 and how it looks now after conversion on 6th October 2011.

You can see how it once looked many years ago on Nancy & Tom's Hyde, Cheshire blog.


  1. Great post Gerald... had to chuckle at it 'not going back'..

  2. towards autumn and what felt to be a difficult year. nevertheless, will enjoy much the additional hour. please have a good sunday.

  3. As they say: "As time go by"...

  4. Great to see an "old friend" again, Gerald.
    Thanks for posting !