Wednesday, 11 February 2015

ABC Wednesday: E is for Eating

E is for Eating

When I posted a photograph of the Clarendon Café in September 2010 it was still owned by a Greek couple who had run it for a number of years.

The place has changed ownership at least a couple of time since then and was recently closed, but has now re-opened under the name "Bake 'n' Butty". It is open from 7.30 am until early afternoon most days. The inside has been completely turned round and seems less cramped than it did previously.

For a view of its extensive menu see Hyde DP Xtra.

A contribution to ABC Wednesday.


  1. I would wander in! It looks quite cheerful.

  2. That's an extensive looking menu! Used to go to a place similar to this in Altrincham years ago, their speciality breakfast was called a 'Belly Buster'... basically a full English breakfast on a huge barmcake!

  3. Cute shop. Did you ever eat there?