Thursday, 12 June 2014

The end of the line at Apethorn

Walking, cycling or riding a horse west along the Trans Pennine Trail will bring you to Apethorn Lane. A fence under the bridge prevents you walking any further as just round the bend is where the old Godley to Apethorn railway joins the existing line from Manchester via Hyde Central to Woodley and beyond.

See how it looked in 2009 on Hyde Daily Photo Volume 1.

Since then all traces of the former line beyond the bridge (now numbered 119) have been lost under the abundant vegetation as can be seen in yesterday's post V is for Vegetation.

Another recent addition to scene is a Sustrans Milepost of which more can be seen on Hyde DP Xtra.

A contribution to signs, signs and Good Fences.


  1. I see the sign post there - so one must detour around this section for a bit?

    1. It's the end of that section so not really a detour as such - it just moves elsewhere which in this case is to cross under the nearby canal and over the river and then follow the river for the next three miles.

  2. The old bridge is marvelous, Gerald!

  3. This is such an awesome photo...that bridge is wonderful.

  4. it's beautiful! thanks for linking it, gerald!

  5. I love that. The old railing and bridge are fantastic.

  6. great image. love the stonework on the bridge.

  7. Love the stonework on the bridge, fab image!

  8. Love the old stone. Nice gate, too.