Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Curiosity Shop on Commercial Brow

Next to the Curiosity Shop on Commercial Brow at the corner with Clarendon Road is a George V postbox (SK14 23) which may be one of the oldest postboxes in Hyde.

For a closer view of the box see Hyde DP Xtra.

A contribution to Ruby Tuesday and Our World Tuesday.


  1. Just the name of the shop is reason enough to want to go in.

  2. and I'm assuming the postbox is still in use today? Carole, at http://snaphappyonline.blogspot.com.au/

  3. I'm curious. What's in the Curiosity Shop? Nicely captured.

  4. ahhh the wider image. now it REALLY neat.

  5. So why not just photograph the post box instead of this awful dirty pointless shop?

    1. I did just photograph the postbox - that photograph is on Hyde DP Xtra and is linked from this post - this photograph showing the traffic lights and the shop puts it in its context.

  6. Or better still stand 10 feet to the right and zoom in so the traffic lights and upstairs windows aren't in shot?

  7. That shop used to be an off door licence with a post office next door, hence the reason the post box is there. As the photo shows the post office has now been converted into a house. On the other side of the post office was a greengrocers. I frequented all three of those quite often in the seventies and eighties.
    It may be an "awful dirty pointless shop" to Anonymous, but it is of interest to people like me who are now living away from Hyde, so keep up the good work Gerald.