Sunday, 20 April 2014

Shadows across Santander

This branch of Santander Bank was formerly a branch of the Bradford & Bingley.

Santander had acquired Bradford & Bingley's retail branches and savings business in September 2008.

In November 2004 they had acquired Abbey National plc and Abbey had become part of the Santander Group.

In January 2010, Abbey and the branch network of Bradford & Bingley were rebranded as Santander.

So for the last four years two branches of the bank have co-existed only a few hundred yards apart, but now the former Bradford and Bingley branch is being closed down and staff and accounts are all moving to the former Abbey branch.

A contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday.


  1. All this rebranding, sometimes gets confusing.

    Nice shadows in this photo

  2. Bank mergers here got frozen in their tracks some years ago by a previous federal government, and for good reason.

    This is a pleasant streetscape shot.

  3. interesting how one business can gobble up another ....confusing all of us at times.

  4. Happy Easter, Gerald!

  5. nice shadows on the pavement ....

  6. I see the trees are still devoid of leaves. Soon, however...

    Fishing the Shadows

  7. those shadows are waiting for leaves...nice shot!!