Thursday, 19 December 2013

VIP in Clarendon Mall

The latest business to move into Clarendon Shopping Centre is called "VIP" which specialises in e-cigarettes. A year or so ago these things were hardly known about but now shops promoting them are springing up all over the place. There are at least three others in town.

As curbs on smoking get tighter and advertising of tobacco products now banned on TV and shops not allowed to display them, this alternative is gaining prominence. The posters here depict smoking as a glamorous, cool activity and are reminiscent of the ads from the 30s and 50s showing film stars with provocative cigarettes in their mouths.

A contribution to signs, signs.


  1. It does have that retro throwback quality to it.

  2. The ciggie doesn't look quite as slender and elegant as the original, though. I think there is work on banning them here.

  3. I am way too old for all of this new stuff. An sounds grim...and I have never smoked. Your shot of the window shows the shop really trying to appeal to the hip people. I voted just now for your blog and wrote a little comment with it. genie

  4. Love the contrast between the women pictured in the shop window and the women looking in the window. Wonderful. NYC just banned e-cigarettes on public transportation. Think they may be increasing banned as they become more common.