Thursday, 19 September 2013

Rebuilt 1909

The sign "Rebuilt 1909" refers to when St George's church was expanded. These upright stones were the pins for iron railings that stretched down Church Street. See my post from Saturday 14th September.

The railings were removed during WWII to "aid the war effort" and have never been replaced.

You can see part of the churchyard on the left. You can look over the right hand side of the wall in my post of Friday the 13th.

A contribution to signs, signs.


  1. I like how your posts are so interwoven!

  2. I noticed this inscription last year for the first time and could find no reference to it in Thomas Middleton's 'History of Hyde'. I eventually found out about it in a book I came across in the reference section of Hyde Library and put this on the Hydonian Blog.

    1. Thanks for the link Dave; it confirms what Muriel told me last week.

  3. A nice bit of history, I love the sign.