Sunday, 21 April 2013

That spiral ramp leading to a footbridge over the M67 again

As it is a while since I photographed this footbridge I though it was time for another in the series.

Earlier photos of or from the footbridge:
A contribution to Sunday Bridges at San Francisco Bay Daily Photo


  1. Gerald, «Louis» thanks you for being "first up" this week with Sunday Bridges! He is going to explore the other links you have provided - the way you do this gives what «Louis» finds to be interesting context. «Louis» also appreciates your get well wishes! The ankle replacement has been FAR easier than the knee replacement was last year.

  2. An interesting perspective.

  3. Great! It looks like a very convenient and user friendly bridge.

  4. It's nice to have a footbridge over a busy highway! I just hope crazy people don't throw things off it onto the passing cars. That seems to happen around here every now and then!