Saturday, 17 November 2012

Weekend Reflections: Dowson Road

The window of the "Simply Chinese" takeaway reflects the street scene.

See what it reflected a few weeks ago on Hyde DP Xtra.

Now the road has been resurfaced, had the double-yellow lines repainted and been reopened to traffic.

A contribution to Weekend Reflections.


  1. A barber? I steer clear of those places.

  2. Enjoyable the way all the lines seem to be converging on the bright yellow gas station, if not exactly coming so close... I like this image.

  3. Nice ! It has a urban ambiance very specific.

  4. Nice paved roads are such a luxury! Smooth and easy on the car, as well one's ears. I like the smell of hot tar. It brings to mind my gran'ma's house, which was about a block from a paving company. Then there was the creosote company south of town that produced railroad ties.

  5. hello geraid
    thanks for the other way view. i can just see the bungalows as i mentioned last week. the garage looks all shiny and new. i remember walking past every day in the mid 1960's when the mini car was new. wow! everyone wanted one and the garage sold them brand new at £500 - £595 depending on what specifications you wanted. still being at school i could only dream.
    referance to the lock up garages in the september photo that have a footpath. i've never seen them before but it is the same footpath. i drove past today on a visit to hyde. on the same corner, on the dowson road and grosvener road corner were two green wooden huts that were shops. i used to wheel my rabbit in a dolly's pram to one shop to collect carrots and greens. i was ten years old. i never had any money but the shop keeper was always kind enough to treat me cause my rabbit was cute!
    we walked along the trans pennine way today, from stockport road cemetery to the end of cheetham fold road, past gerrards hollow and back up to dowson road. lovely day - lovely walk. thanks for the fantasic phot's.
    eileen from bolton

    1. It was a lovely afternoon for a walk - I nearly ventured out but didn't - shame as we might have met up.