Monday 20 August 2012

The Ghost of Timpson

Two month's ago MG Domestics moved into the premises under Powerhouse Gym after "Let's Celebrate" moved next door. They have now moved out leaving behind signage belonging to "Let's Celebrate" and also revealing ghost signage of the shoe shop Timpson's who once traded here.

For Blue Monday.

Note: I'll be away in St Annes all this week and probably without internet access so will not be tweeting.

I've scheduled a post each day to go live at midnight BST and Julie Storry of Sydney Eye will be posting a notice to the CDPB Facebook page which is also where CDPB members can go to vote for September's theme day.


  1. When I left Greenfield street school in 1960 my friend, who left with me, went to work for Timpson's at this very store. His name was Harold Hibbert. I went to work for Cable shoes.

    I often wonder what became of him.

  2. This blue is sad, but it is blue. Have a good trip.

    Happy Blue Monday, Gerald!

  3. Nice! Visiting from Blue MOnday.

    My BLUE, have a great week ahead.

  4. Love the two different blue tones behind the signs! Those shutters look so very sealed! A tense kind of abandonment!