Thursday, 30 August 2012

Quiz Challenge: Charles's Terrace 1873

I've not done a quiz challenge for a long while so it's time I did one.

Who knows where in town this is?

What premises will we find here?

And what are the odds on someone telling me what the premises were in 1873?

There may be prizes for the best answers (accurate or otherwise).

I'll show you the answer to the first two questions next Monday.

A contribution to signs, signs.


  1. Hi Gerald,

    I know where this is since I live in Hyde (and we've met! ;-)), so I won't spoil it, but it'll be interesting if any non-Hydonians get the right answer.. might be worth a bit of a gamble... ;-)


  2. I bet I know as well - in fact I've got photos of this and most of the other wall plaques in Hyde, so I won't spoil it for everyone else.

  3. O please do tell, some readers live on other continents!!!!

  4. OH, how I wish I knew. I never visited here when in your country so do not have a clue. Still, it is a lovely spot and I am so curious thanks to those who know whre and what it is. genie

  5. No guesses -- but I have a picture of a sign on a brick wall just like from a street n London that has our last name (not a usual one)

  6. I will be back for the answers!
    I like the brickwork, too but wonder about the holes?

  7. Does Bennett Street / Ashton Road count as 'Where'? (You had it in a previous photo.) It's a 'Betfred' now. (Also one of your photos!) I expect,if you had a 'search this site' option, we'd be able to find out what it used to be too!