Saturday, 18 August 2012

Boston Bank House

A former "gentleman's house" on Mottram Road which has been converted into six apartments.

Note: I'll be away in St Annes all this week and probably without internet access so will not be tweeting.

I've scheduled a post each day to go live at midnight BST and Julie Storry of Sydney Eye will be posting a notice to the CDPB Facebook page which is also where CDPB members can go to vote for September's theme day.


  1. It's a sad picture - the kind of house which deserves a garden but which has been given tarmac instead. It looks lonely surrounded by tarmac.

  2. Fifty years ago this house belonged to my dentist Mr Torkington. His equipment was ancient even for those days. I had an appointment one time in the middle of Wimbledon fortnight, the dental nurse couldn't get him to come and treat me for what seemed like hours as he loved tennis and was watching it in a back room. I knew better after that to never to go again when Wimbledon was on.
    It later became an undertakers for a while. I always liked look of the old house but now I barely recognise it as it looks so clinical and forlorn.