Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sign for the Buxton Inn

The Buxton Inn was closed a little while ago but appears now to be "Under new management". The advertised opening hours when I walked past just over a week ago were "Sundays 11pm - 12am; Friday & Saturday 11pm - 1am" unless I misread them.

In 2007 it included a Thai restaurant.

In 2002 before it had expanded into the adjacent property we had celebrated our wedding anniversary therein.

A fuller view of the Buxton can be seen on Hyde DP Xtra.

For signs, signs.


  1. Would be wonderful if it continues its history providing joy to the people.

    Please have a great Thursday.

  2. Does the sign reflect what it actually looks like? Just wondering.

  3. Glad it reopened -- hate to see historical structures abandoned.

  4. I stayed in Buxton last year - lovely town!

  5. pretty sign
    I love all the different textures in this photo

  6. neat sign.
    those those are some pretty late hours they keep!

  7. Such a pretty sign and a bit festive looking with the bows up on top. I bet it is a lovely place. genie