Sunday, 13 May 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday: A Civil War Cannon

Last weekend Colonel Edward Montagu's Regiment of Foote were performing at Newton Hall. It was part of the Open Days organised by Tameside History Forum who in conjunction with Salford University had undertaken an archaeological dig at the site.

They brought with them a cannon which they fired on several occasions.

You can see more photographs of the regiment on Hyde DP Xtra.

I'll be posting photographs and information on the dig at a later date.

This post is a contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday.


  1. What a great, different shadow shot for the day! Don't get a chance to see many like this! Terrific! Love the uniforms, too. Have a great weekend, Gerald!


  2. Re-enactments such as this can be fun and educational. I like the cannon, too!

  3. Mr. G! What a great shot. I feel, I am in this era while looking into your shot.

    Very alive in my eyes. Great job.

    Happy SSS,

  4. Wow! Great atmosphere round the cannon enhanced by the two men dressed in period costume! I have never seen a cannon "wagon?" curve-shaped quite like this before! Fascinating!

  5. Gorgeous! Thanks for your beautiful contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday 2. - Rose

    Youth Shadow

  6. and when they touch those cannons off they are loud. thanks for sharing...great shot!!!

  7. Ha! Better get in shape, if you want to win the war. hahaha Funny.

  8. I just find this so funny and so unexpected. Great story shot.