Thursday, 26 April 2012

Cheetham Fold Road

This photo of Cheetham Fold Road was taken on a sunny Sunday in mid-February and has been in my archives awaiting an opportunity for me to publish it and I thought it was probably about time it had an airing.

Cheetham Fold Road runs off Apethorn Road near Gerrards Hollow and leads down to Cheetham Fold and the bottom of Knott Lane.

There are a couple more photos of Cheetham Fold Road on Hyde DP Xtra.


  1. It must be pleasant to walk along there.

  2. hello gerald - this is tom wigley's sister eileen from bolton. your blog is fantastic, always interesting with brilliant photograghs. just to let you know that our family home was on cheetham fold road backing on to the old railway line near the bottom of knott lane. this photo brings back memories of what a brilliant playgroud we had growing up near the canal and river and not far from werneth low. your earlier photos of church brew was where our dad had his allotment. i look at your blog everyday along with tom's blog. hello tom, john, jane and all the family - see you soon!

    1. Many thanks for your comments Eileen - they are much appreciated.

  3. Feels wonderful, even to look at it. Please have a good Friday.