Monday, 23 January 2012

Back entrance to HBS Pharmacy

A new pharmacy opened on Market Street recently. HBS have taken over a former furniture store.

There are already two pharmacies (Lloyds and a Co-op) in the same block. This makes three now and there are a another three (two Boots [one ex-Nupharm] and another Co-op) within the town centre.

Like the other two they have a main entrance on the front of Market Street and a rear entrance onto the Long Meadow car park.

You can view the front entrance on Hyde DP Xtra.

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  1. Seems possible to comment again.

    Interesting story. Over here, they are closed on Mon. and Wed. afternoon and during the whole weekend. Various times on strike as well.

    A healty and good new week ahead for you all.

  2. Great pics. Love your blog.

  3. hee hee...
    An appropriate entry for Monday Doorways, what with «Louis» having just come home from Stanford University Hospital with a new knee. A pharmacy could be quite handy just now...